Case Evaluation

Do you need a Pharmacy or Pharmacology Expert?

A pharmacy expert will effectively speak to the standards of care related to dispensing and monitoring of medications. In some cases, depending on training and experience, a pharmacy expert may also be qualified to address issues of prescribing standards.

A pharmacology expert has advanced training or experience to understand and convey the underlying basis for drug effects, both intended clinical and unintended adverse outcomes. Importantly, a clinical pharmacology expert can address both the granular details of medications AND apply the implications of its use in patient care settings. Roles for a clinical pharmacology expert may include evaluations of drug interactions and adverse effects, merits of drug selection versus alternatives, and placing patient specific factors in the context of known risks and benefits of a prescribed drug(s).

Selection of the right expert in a medication litigation case depends on the suspected nature of the event. Similarly, the success of a medication litigation case is highly dependent on the engagement of a consultant who has the proper mix of training, experience and expertise in one or more of these areas.

FPE can deliver expertise in either or both of these areas.  Request more information…

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